Friday, August 3, 2012

Source data for "Barack, you're fired!!!"


"The percentage of our workforce that is actually employed is now two percent lower than when you took office."

"Eight hundred thousand fewer women are employed." 

"Gas prices have doubled, and grew at a faster rate than even under Jimmy Carter."

"In 2008 you called George Bush 'unpatriotic' for running up three trillion in debt over eight years, yet you ran up five trillion in debt over three and a half years."

"You have been dishing out billions of our tax dollars to your cronies, donors and foot soldiers."

"Under your watch, the Middle East to become radicalized from border to border."

"You actually invited members  of the Muslim Brotherhood, parent organization of every major Islamist terror group in the world, into our White House."

"You even allowed your Director of National Intelligence to remain in his post after he claimed that the Brotherhood is a largely secular, peaceful organization."

"You have assaulted our Constitution in a hundred ways."

"You recently filed suit to help prevent our soldiers from voting early..."

"...which is one more reason why military veterans are so overwhelmingly against you keeping your job."

"You are an embarrassment on the world stage, in large part because of your constant apologizing for America while standing on foreign soil."

"Under your leadership, the Pentagon claimed in its year-long report into the Fort Hood massacre that Islam had nothing to do with it, even though Major Hassan was yelling 'jihad! jihad, jihad!!!' as he murdered his fellow soldiers."

"You have pitted Americans against one another over your class warfare rhetoric, and your tax and immigration policies."

"And you stood by,  silent, when your fellow Democrats made what you knew were false statements about the Tea Party being racist, and false allegations about them hurling racial epithets against black members of Congress."


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