Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratulations To The Mainstream Media; A Call To Patriots

Two years ago, those who have assumed the awesome responsibility of enlightening the American people to the vital facts we need to be aware of, to make informed, rational political decisions --- the mainstream news media (MSM) --- had a choice to make:

(1) To apply the exact same standards and practices to all those in the campaign for the presidency

(2) To apply different standards to different candidates, based on their political affiliation, gender or race --- to crucify some, while shielding others, and preventing us from discovering the facts that would capsize their campaigns

The stakes in this election were stark and profound.

America, and freedom in general, are under assault, on two primary fronts. The first threat is from Islamist totalitarians who are on the march throughout the world, and right here on our own soil, via their "soft jihad," to corrupt our culture and its defenses from within. The second threat is the statist-collectivist beliefs that produced our recent economic meltdown, and which are bankrupting America --- beliefs which we allow to be perpetuated every day throughout our "educational" infrastructure.

A freedom-loving, honest, patriotic MSM would have seen to it that all candidates were presented with the hard questions concerning both threats. And given that for the first time, a minority candidate was nominated by one of our major political parties, the highest honor that the MSM could pay to our race relations would have been to subject him to the exact same rigors and inquiry that it has applied to other candidates.

As noted in the very-detailed essay, below, The Mainstream Media vs. Race Relations and Electoral Integrity in America, the MSM made the choice, starting in late 2005, to collectively hoist Barack Obama upon its shoulders, and carry him, Caesar-like, into the presidential candidacy ring.

The MSM protected him at every turn from the discoveries that would have caused the vast majority of Americans and his fellow Senators to force him out of the running. Discoveries concerning the choices he made in his affiliations (America-hating terrorists, preachers, etc.), and his innumerable lies about them. Discoveries about his political beliefs (slightly diluted Marxism), and his qualifications to become President (none).

Discoveries about the myriad ways in which his policies would subvert America's national security and educational system, embolden our enemies, weaken us economically, and create more conflict between races and classes. The discovery that due to his affiliations and activities, he would be rejected for service at the lowest level of the military he claims he is best qualified to lead. The discovery that he supported an abortion procedure so barbaric that even his most pro-abortion, leftist allies in the U.S. Senate were united in opposing it.

Discoveries about the terror regimes that have endorsed him. Discoveries about his massive campaign finance fraud.
Discoveries about his legacy of working with a militantly leftist, election-subverting organization (ACORN), and his innumerable lies about his relationship with them. On and on.

The simple fact is that Barack Obama did not win the Presidency tonight --- the MSM did.

For the first time in modern history, the MSM, acting as a subversive collective, succeeded in installing an individual in the White House whose candidacy would have been over within hours, had it not actively prevented the American people from discovering the truth about the essential threats we face, about him, about what he plans to do to America, and to the cause of freedom in general.

Instead, the MSM willfully decided to act as his shill, as his protector (can you imagine what the MSM would do if McCain or Clinton supporters were engaged in this?), as his propagandists, elevating him to a god-like status, while implicitly or explicitly scorning anyone who questioned him on the substance of his platform as being a "racist."

The MSM alone bears the responsibility for the damage that Obama is destined to cause America, if it continues to deflect and suppress Americans' exposure to the realities behind the most dangerous of the policies he intends to pursue.

If there is one thing we can be proud of in this maelstrom of deception, it is that America has demonstrated to the world, once again, that a (semi) free society can enact a peaceful transition of power, from one political party to another. And in a way, this was the best possible outcome - because if, as the aforementioned essay had feared, had Obama lost, as a result of a last-minute rush of vital facts being disclosed to the American people via alternative means, according to his most virulent supporters our cities would have burned.

But in the long run, if we do not find a way to hold our MSM to account for its unforgivable actions* in the last two years, we will have only ourselves to blame for the deconstruction of freedom that we will have allowed to be perpetuated, on our watch.
(*And inactions; see
Twelve Key Questions That The MSM Should Have Asked --- But Refused To)

All patriotic, freedom-loving Americans must now take on two roles: as Paul Reveres, willing to ride through the nights of the next four years to make others aware of the threats we are facing, and as Patrick Henries and Thomas Paines, articulating a vision for an America that is free, prosperous and safe, based on common sense that, today, is all but common.

Let us begin again, now, with confidence in the knowledge that our cause is just, vital, and timely.

Let us begin again, now, by realizing that of all the adversaries facing the cause of freedom today, the current American MSM is the largest, most potent, and most wily.

Let us begin again, now, with creativity --- one of the primary skills that has been sorely lacking in the freedom-advocating community. Not just creativity to do the same things differently, but creativity in terms of generating new and better ways of advancing freedom; and especially, creativity that will serve to get our message out, over the tops of the MSM's collective heads, directly to the American people.

Let us begin again, now, by affirming the basic principles that we can all agree on, and agree to set aside principled differences to discuss, and resolve, in a separate venue. We can all agree on opposing the Obama-leftist-MSM advocacy of things such as surrendering in the war that Islamist totalitarians have declared on us (via both the "hard" and "soft" jihad); of renewing the "Fairness Doctrine;" of creating a slew of new welfare-state entitlement programs; of forcing America to be even more reliant on energy from nations that hate us; of forcing workers into unions; of gutting of our military; of massive new taxation. We can and must unite to fight these things, relentlessly.

Let us begin again, now, by carefully identifying the weaknesses in our arguments, and how they are received by the ordinary American. This doesn't mean in any way diluting what we stand for --- it means ensuring that our communications tools are truly world-class, and convey the knowledge we intend them to, which means meeting Americans where they currently are, in regards to their literacy, attention spans, media usage patterns, preferences, etc.

Finally, let us begin again, now, by accepting, honestly, what has happened, why, regrouping, and recommitting ourselves to doing better, starting tomorrow.

We deserve no less. America deserves no less. And the future of freedom demands it.

Let us begin again, now.

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