Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hallalujah!!! Castro (Again) Cheers On The Obamassiah

We can call this one, "Change that Castro can believe in!!!"

Apparently, The Obamassiah's inaugural speech captivated more than just those in attendance.

Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was watching too --- and according to the AP, he definitely caught "hope-change" fever:

(Fidel) Castro...followed the inauguration of Barack Obama very closely... (he) watched the inauguration on television all day... (he) called Obama "a man who seems absolutely sincere," who believes strongly in his ideas "and who hopefully can carry them out."

"Fidel believes in Obama," Cristina Fernandez said.

Earlier Wednesday, Raul Castro said Obama "seemed like a good man" and wished him luck.
(Note: Actually, this isn't this first, or even second time that Catsro has "endorsed" The Obamassiah --- it's the third. The first time was mid-way through the campaign, here; the second was after the final presidential debate on Oct. 15, here)

Why would Castro find His Obamaness to be so enthralling? Oh, right --- the quasi-Marxist, quasi-fascist, quasi-dictatorial thing.

Which may be why so many of the world's other dictators, tyrants and terror-supporters endorsed Him, prior to the election, including:
Why didn't the American people hear about all these endorsements (and Castro's first two) before the election? Say, with the trumpets and fanfare that were employed to try to derail a presidential candidate's prospects, when a forged military memo was released, weeks before the election, by a major news network?

Because our esteemed journalistic institutions apparently thought that reporting on such things about the Obamassiah would be.... uncouth.
(Prior to the election, the only places one could discover these and other shocking facts about Him were on those dastardly right-wing blogs --- like this one, here and elsewhere.)

Instead, our "professional" news organizations devoted their resources to hard-hitting investigative pieces on Michelle Obama's unrivaled fashion sense, Britney Spears's latest rehab trip, how those mean Republicans were wrongfully preventing ACORN-registered illegal aliens from voting 32 times, and why all non-leftists are evil warmongers.

The difference now
is that the election is over, so the MSM feels a little more comfortable reporting the fact that Castro openly supports The Obamassiah.

The only remaining question is: Will The Obamassiah go sit on Castro's ailing knee, and be tutored in the most efficient means of transforming a capitalist economy into a socialist one, crushing dissent, and using schools for political indoctrination?

Probably not. He's appointed a brand-new Chief Technology Officer, so He could probably just set up a teleconference from the Oval Office.


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