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American CEOs To Form Labor Union; Leftist Legal Group Vows Public Battle

Chalk this essay up to a combination of wishful thinking, satire, and reaction to the sheer anti-freedom hysteria emanating from Washington, DC at the moment. When will America's corporate leaders finally stand up and join together, to fight back against those now forging our public policies, yet who'd be hard-pressed to judge whether al Qaeda or America's CEOs are more evil? Perhaps this might help serve as a catalyst for this outcome. - E.

March 25, 2009 – by Expedio

WASHINGTON, DC – Most Americans are aware of the prominent American legal organizations – the ABA, the ACLU and others. Some legal organizations, however, have kept a far lower profile – by design, until situations arose that required a significant amount of public exposure.

One example (covered at The People’s Cube, here) was “Spiritual Lawyers Against Natural Disasters” (“SLAND”), which filed an intergalactic class-action lawsuit against God. Specifically, the SLANDers alleged that by causing supposedly “natural” disasters such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, earthquakes and climate change, God did far more harm to Earth's ecology than anything mankind has ever been accused of perpetrating.

Now, another legal organization that decided it must “come out” is “Leftist Lawyers for All That Is Right” (L-LATIR).

According to lead attorney Karla Marx, L-LATIR has existed for the past half-century, quietly providing legal advice and strategic counsel to groups intent on subverting America, free enterprise, economic liberty, and especially, our educational system. She explained L-LATIR's guiding principle as follows:
“Quite simply, if it doesn’t conform to the doctrines espoused by the world’s most celebrated collectivists and anti-capitalists, then L-LATIR’s going to fight it.”

Recently, Marx's contacts in the Obama administration notified her that American CEOs are quietly forming their own union – the “American Corporate Executives Union” (ACEU), to defend themselves against what they contend is the unfair demonization of their profession.

After a hurried board retreat, L-LATIR determined that the time is right for their secretive organization to come out of the shadows, and vigorously combat these CEOs – publicly.

“Who the hell are America’s CEOs to form their own union?” Marx asked, her twitching eyes glinting with rage. An activist for Mao during the 1960s (his pictures adorn the inside walls of her traveling office – a 1966 VW Microbus), Marx continued:
“On whole, American CEOs are the most greedy, incompetent, malevolent, destructive forces on the planet, and have been for a very long time.

"Along with their neocon masters, they’ve caused more human suffering, more wars, and more strife than any other group. They entertain and enrich themselves by conspiring to cause prices to spike, decline, and become unstable. They destroy the environment. They fight every advance in social policy that the American people support.

"These greedy, malicious, incompetent bastards plan to form their own union? Well, on behalf of all Americans, we at L-LATIR will fight them at every turn.”

The ACEU has authorized one of its members, the founder and chairwoman of a fast-growing technology firm in the Washington, DC area, to speak on its behalf. She chose to do so anonymously, as “Ms. T,” for now.

In a yet-to-be-released introductory video, Ms. T,
a slim, modestly-dressed executive who appears to be in her early thirties, read the following statement:
“My name isn’t important. What the ACEU has to say, however, is vitally important to the future of freedom and human progress.”

“For the better part of the last hundred years, almost every type of labor group in America has formed its own union. From poultry-workers to plumbers, from truck drivers to striptease dancers, and from basket-weavers to bread-bakers, Americans who work in specific occupations have organized to act on their members’ behalf, advance their groups’ interests, and be their public voices. Even public schoolteachers, who are government employees, have formed their own unions, which are now among the most powerful in America.

"There is only one group of workers that’s never formed its own union: America’s CEOs. More than any other labor group, it is CEOs who are now under incessant attack, particularly by the Obama administration, Democrats in Congress, and in our artistic, journalistic and educational institutions. It’s clear that the time is right for CEOs to finally form our own union, so that we may respond with one voice.

“So today, I am pleased to announce the organization of The American Corporate Executives’ Union, or ACEU. The purpose of this union will be to set the record straight on what we have accomplished, and how governmental interference in, and corruption of our industries is responsible for most of the inducements that led some chief executives to make incredibly stupid decisions.

"We’ve been silent and disorganized for too long. With the emergence of the ACEU, that silence ends today. We invite CEOs across America to join us in this effort. More details on our organization, and how other chief executives can become a part of it, will be announced in the near future. Thank you."

Through an intermediary, Expedio5x5 arranged an exclusive interview with Ms. T, which took place recently at a café in the metro DC area.


E5x5: Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Let’s start by asking this: Was the creation of the ACEU inspired by Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s manifesto on laissez-faire capitalism?

Absolutely. In her masterpiece, Ms. Rand painted a picture of America, and the world, that is quite close to where we are today – at the precipice between freedom and tyranny. The premise of the book, as noted recently by Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal, was: what would happen to the world if those upon whom its survival is most dependent – its most able, productive and efficient business and industrial leaders – simply disappeared, by their own volition? Specifically, if they went on strike?

What would happen is: the world would decay and starve, and would continue to do so, until and unless it learned to appreciate their value, started respecting their rights, and stopped vilifying, enslaving and stealing from them. Although the ACEU doesn’t think we’re at that stage yet, there’s no question that if Obama and his allies, including L-LATIR – and even some on the “right” – keep pressing on with their collectivist programs, an ACEU strike may be the only option we have left.

In fact, many don’t know that the original title for Atlas Shrugged was ‘The Strike.’ We hope it doesn’t get to that point. This is our effort to avert it.

E5x5: How do you respond to those who say that American CEOs are deserving of all the public wrath and government policies that are now directed at them?

I vehemently disagree. Look around you. We are living in the most prosperous culture that the world has ever known. Where did it come from? First and foremost, it is the result of the American system of limited government, of property rights, of economic liberty, and of the rule of law. From this foundation, the world underwent the most radical transformation in all of mankind's history.

From iPods to the Internet, from microwave ovens to television, from our cutting-edge healthcare technologies to the autos we drive, and from the computers we work with and the machines that do so much of our labor, every one of these values can be traced back to an idea --- an idea that was developed, perfected and made marketable by innovators in business and industry, all of which were led by corporate executives.

Does this mean that it is only American corporate executives that are responsible for all these life-enhancing, life-saving, and life-extending products? Absolutely not. Great ideas have come from all points on the globe. But why is it that these innovators have chosen one place to come to, to develop, commercialize and profit from their ideas --- America --- more than any other? It is because of the culture our Founders created, that protects and nurtures them, and enables them to go as far as their talent and ambition can take them, so long as they don't violate the natural rights of others, in the process.

Yet there has been a fundamental contradiction, that's given rise to the rage and wrath that you cite. It is a contradiction that is destroying everything our Founders fought for, and which our predecessors accomplished.

For generations, we’ve allowed our schoolchildren to be indoctrinated – at taxpayer expense – in Marxist ideology. They’ve been taught, in nearly hermetically-sealed, taxpayer-provided environments called "public schools," to be suspicious of or hate those who create, who lead, who devise breakthroughs in technology, in manufacturing, and in management. Those who defend their right to innovate, and to enjoy the fruits of their labors, specifically the wealth and property that they earn, are targeted for special scorn.

In these Marxist "madrassas," we've allowed our children to be taught to believe that one of government’s moral functions is to shackle and control this ‘bourgeois’ class, both individually and collectively, and make them pay a very steep, ever-increasing price for the supposed ‘privilege’ of pursuing their dreams, and for creating the very jobs that our government says are so desperately needed today. Those children, having heard no alternative view (or at best, diluted, weak-kneed ones), had practically no choice but to accept these liberty- and progress-destroying premises.

Well, those schoolchildren have grown up, and they now occupy the highest seats of power in our government, and in Marxist front groups such as ACORN, Media Matters for America, and L-LATIR, and hundreds of ‘community organizations.’ And make no mistake – they are deadly serious about implementing all the policies they’ve advertised – and others, which they have only hinted at.

E5x5: Do you believe that given such contrary views, the ACEU might be accused of fomenting conspiracy theories?

What I say could hardly be considered a "conspiracy theory." The conspiracy is very real, but it's so widespread, yet so loosely organized, that it’s difficult to comprehend its true scale.

Consider this: In 1987, 45% of American adults believed that Marx’s central principle in The Communist Manifesto, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,” is contained within the U.S. Constitution – or didn’t know whether it is or isn’t (Hearst Foundation).

By 2002, that number had grown to 69% (Columbia Law School). Think about that. Today, nearly seven in ten U.S. adults, a 53% increase in 15 years, now believes (or doesn’t know if) the ideological foundation for communism
which is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 100 million people in the 20th century (Black Book of Communism; Freedom House) is contained in our Constitution.

Can any reasonable person really believe that this could have happened by accident? This is a fact that should send shivers down the spine of every liberty-loving American. But almost none of them know about it, because of a second conspiracy: the conspiracy of silence among our educators, politicians, journalists and artists. They will neither acknowledge nor discuss the fact that we've allowed our schools to turn into Marxist indoctrination centers.

Then, you take into account that nearly a quarter of Americans now believe that the First Amendment gives them the right to drive a car, to raise pets, or for women to vote (McCormick Tribune Freedom Foundation) –
that 80% of seniors at America's top universities will be able to graduate without having taken a single history class of any kind, and that most cannot pass a basic high school test in U.S. history (U.S. Dept. of Education) that a third of them are deemed "clueless" about the separation of powers in our government (American Council of Trustees & Alumni) – that by a 22-1 margin, our 8-18 year-olds believe government has done more "to make the world a better place for children" than corporations (Harris) and you have the makings for a complete abandonment of every principle of liberty and limited government that our Constitution actually contains.

Most recently, more than 3,000 college professors signed a statement of support for former Obama colleague William Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist and unapologetic advocate of Marxist doctrine – and a "distinguished professor of education" at the University of Chicago. Can all this really happen by coincidence?

These are well-documented, indisputable, but little-know facts. As is the fact that the teachers' unions, which enjoy almost unrivaled power today in American politics, were a vital force in foisting Obama into the presidency, and his cronies into positions of leadership in Congress.

Why do you think that, despite their abhorrent subversion of freedom in America, and the fact that real education spending in America nearly doubled in the last eight years, the collectivist educrats' allies in the White House and Congress are so hell-bent on providing them with even more funding, and more legal protection from those advocating educational freedom/school choice? It is the ultimate symbiotic co-dependency, whose ultimate aim, or at least logical result, can only be the total collapse of America – starting with the economy, which, along with freedom, they’ve now all but declared war upon.

E5x5: Are you suggesting that our teachers' unions and government bureaucrats are responsible for America's financial situation?

I'm not suggesting it, I'm stating as a fact: It could not have happened without them.

Let's go back to the basics. If a business makes bad decisions, it ceases to exist. But what could bring an entire nation to its economic knees, except for a government that has injected itself into every aspect of its economy? I'm not even talking about the non-governmental vultures that aided and abetted it in this effort (think ACORN, and certain CEOs), but the ACEU will, soon.

Our schools are all but totally dominated by government, at all levels. These schools, therefore, are primarily responsible for the moral values and public policy perceptions that their charges --- the children who are forced to attend them --- carry forth into their adult lives.

What other force but our schools could have fomented the idea that a legitimate function of government is to force or intimidate financial institutions to make loans to those who can’t pay them back --- including illegal immigrants (whom they refer to as "undocumented workers")? To create government agencies that use taxpayer money to then buy up these bad loans – then "repackage" and sell them off to pension funds, institutional investors and foreign governments? To manipulate interest rates and use federal and local laws to choke off the supply of developable land, to drive the cost of housing through the roof? And then, to convince the majority of citizens, which they’d intellectually disarmed, that this entire financial house of cards is the responsibility of CEOs, because some got into bed with these bureaucratic fascists, and took advantage of this feeding frenzy?

And when it all came crashing to the ground, as we warned would happen, who did they blame? America's CEOs, en masse. And many innocent Americans, having been indoctrinated to viscerally hate CEOs, bought into it.

This doesn't even take into account Hollywood's near-monolithic effort to foment and reinforce CEO-hatred. We'll discuss that later, if you wish.

Now, these bureaucrats and their educrat allies are set on more fully controlling our businesses.

Setting aside the issue of ownership, does anyone but the most strident Marxist really believe that the bureaucrats who are now thirsting for, and getting increasing control over our companies, could run them better than us? That Barack Obama, who’s never successfully run so much as an ice cream stand, could run a factory, a software firm, or a chain of cafes better than their CEOs? That Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank could deal with the daily struggles that American CEOs face, more effectively than we do, and generate profits – which is what creates the very jobs that they say our economy needs more of?

If so, then let us know, and we’ll turn over the keys to our enterprises to them, and walk away. Then, the American people will get an object lesson in why the fascist economic policies their political leaders have been pursuing always lead to destruction.

E5x5: You say that President Obama has never successfully run a business enterprise. But wasn’t he the president of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a $50 million nonprofit?

I’m glad you asked that. Do you know how he got that job? The primary factor was William Ayers. The supposed purpose of the CAC was to improve education in Chicago-area schools. The actual purpose, according to Ayers himself, was to transform teachers and students into activists for Marxist ideology. (More here, here, here, here, here, here)

So how did it turn out? Obama and Ayers burned through that $50 million, and there was absolutely no improvement in education. In fact, according to some accounts, student achievement actually declined (details here and elsewhere). Like I said, our new president, no matter how likable a fellow he may be, has never successfully run so much as an ice cream stand.

Moving on, do you find it as curious as the ACEU does that while our political leaders decry CEOs for earning good livings, they’re silent when a 19-year-old singer rakes in $20 million a year, churning out vulgar lyrics? Or when an actors are routinely paid $10 million for 8 weeks on a movie set? Or when athletes who can move a ball over a goal line, or dunk a basketball, are paid $30 million or more each year?

Of course not – because they aren’t derided as evil, greedy, America-destroying CEOs. No, these are individuals – and are supposedly entitled to earn as much as the market will provide them.

The basis of discrimination and prejudice is the disparagement of an entire group based on the actions of, or the perception of, some of its constituent members. Whether the victims are all of one race, gender, ethnicity or religion – or occupation – it is always wrong, and always destructive.

Yet today, there is one group that has been discriminated against more than any other, which has, thus far, refused to fight back, on moral grounds – American CEOs. If our economy is to recover, it is upon the shoulders of these very CEOs that it will happen – through their ability, ingenuity, integrity, and most of all, their cherishing of American liberty.

The vast majority of us have taken this abuse and discrimination in silence, and soldiered on, creating wealth and jobs, all the things that our lives depend upon, and that make our lives better, easier and more productive.

Well, that silence ends today. Today, through the ACEU, we will begin to fight back – for ourselves, for America, and for the entire moral concept of liberty, upon which our Constitution is based.


When Expedio5x5 played an audio recording of the above for Ms. Marx, she dismissed it as "more of the same lies, fear-mongering and propaganda that shameless capitalists have been employing for decades." Ms. Marx continued:
“Ms. T, whoever she is, is obviously nothing more than the newest shill for the very forces that have brought America to her knees. Her outdated notions of the purpose of government, of what ‘community organizers’ do, her conspiracy theories about our hard-working teachers’ unions, are all part and parcel of the greedy, self-serving ideology that thankfully, President Obama and our Democratic leaders in Congress, are going to quash, once and for all.

"The workers of this nation produce its wealth.
Was it too much to ask that the government help these working Americans, and undocumented immigrants, to own their own homes? To provide their children with free educations? To advance modern values such as sacrifice, submission to government control over one’s life, bank account, health, and all our economic decisions? Look at all the advanced cultures in Europe, the Far East and elsewhere. They are the ones we should be modeling ourselves after. And by electing Barack Obama, we’ve gone a long way towards achieving that end.

“We at L-LATIR have been fighting miscreants such as ‘Ms. T’ and her greedy allies for decades, in and out of the courtroom. We know how to fight – and how to win. And if ‘Ms. T’ and those she represents want a fight in public, I can assure her, that’s exactly what they’re going to get.”

Asked for a response, Ms. T said the following, which she insisted on being quoted verbatim:

“Bring it, you Stalinist bitch. But know this: If you plan on pulling any of your ACORN-type stunts, of flash-mobbing protests at the homes of ACEU members to intimidate them into silence, or of barging into our boardrooms to disrupt our work, I will personally throw you out on your skank ass.”

Stay tuned for updates on this fascinating public brawl as it develops.

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